Industrial Fabrication

Shell & Tube Plates, Heat Exchanger Baffles, Strainer and Filter Baskets, Perforated Plates, O.E.M. Components

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Shell & Tube Baffles

Heat exchanger shell and tube baffles up to 1/4" thick material.
Custom made baffles, tube plates, steady plates to your specifications.

Available in ABS Plastic, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Copper Nickle, Phenolic, Spauldite, Stainless Steel - 304 & 316L and Steel
Shell & Tube Baffle Pictures
Heat Exchanger Baffles

Strainer Baskets

Duplex or double basket strainers / filter baskets are custom made to your exact specifications.

Need a durable filter retainer basket for your filtration process? We specialize in making heavy duty filters in all exotic materials from brass to type 316L stainless.
Filter Strainer Basket in Stainless Steel
Strainer Filter

Perforated Plates

We have the capability to provide custom perforations and required margins to accomodate any special requirements

  • Dish Machine Components
  • Sifting Trays
  • Mufflers
  • Grates
  • Vents
Perforated Plates with Custom Borders
Stainless Steel Filter Trays

OEM Components

Widgets, knick knacks, doodads, brackets, small parts, large parts... Everything and anything you need fabricated...

  • Clips
  • Cases
  • Rings
  • Covers
  • Rails
Misc Small Parts
OEM Component Case